Traditions® Elite Wood Blinds

Naturally Warm and Distinctive

Elite Wood Blinds are created with extraordinary care, to deliver warmth and beauty to your living spaces. Each slat is individually hand finished and stained to enhance the beauty and character of the wood grain. To protect the premium hardwood, all components are sealed after being cut and routed.

Traditions<sup>®</sup> Elite 1" Wood Blinds

Traditions® Elite 1" Wood Blinds

These 1" slats offer a contemporary, narrow look for smaller windows or French doors.

Traditions<sup>®</sup> Elite 2" Wood Blinds

Traditions® Elite 2" Wood Blinds

Choose 2" slats for a classic look and spacing for ideal privacy and light control.

Traditions<sup>®</sup> Elite 2" Beaded Edge Wood Blinds

Traditions® Elite 2" Beaded Edge Wood Blinds

Enhance the beauty of your blind with a rich, beaded edge or double beaded design. This gives each slat a handcrafted look, and adds dimension with this elegant detail.

Traditions<sup>®</sup> Elite 2 3/8" Wood Blinds

Traditions® Elite 2 3/8" Wood Blinds

Wider slats provide a broader view to the outside when tilted open.